M.A.P.S. Summer Program

Sponsored by Spinx of Greenville, South Carolina

Checkout what our girls did over the Summer! 


The Miss Apprentice Winner 2019!!!

Beauty Marks for Girls

Miss Apprentice 2019 Winner!!!!

The MAPS program was created as an intense point system that developed character, responsibility, and fun over the summer. Why the MAPS PROGRAM??... Numerous studies have shown that rates of criminal behavior among teens and young adults drop when their communities provide them with other ways to spend their time and earn money. 

The winner of our summer program got the chance to spend the entire weekend in Atlanta Georgia with a Mani/Pedi spa day, shopping, Dinner at HardRock Cafe, and much more. Not only that, but the recipient got to spend quality time with her Mentor. Thank you Angela Pyles for your dedication and the example you live!!

We build LEADERS. 

She’s truly an inspiration to us all!!!

Why M.A.P.S?


Our program M.A.P.S keeps our Belles active! We live in an increasingly screen-centered world. Children need to move around to stay healthy! We stress that Summer is not a time to be a couch potato; it is a time to get out in the sun and have some fun!


M.A.P.S was designed to spark new interests. Unlike the classroom, we let our Belles choose which activities they'd like to participate in. This choice heightens responsibility. In addition to that, it allows them to learn and enjoy something new or go deeper into something they are already passionate about.


M.A.P.S builds confidence and a positive attitude! Our activities are very intentional. We created our summer program with our Belles in mind. Our program is focused on the development of building core values like self-worth and determination.