Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a community of social justice, where every girl affected by parental incarceration has the opportunity to achieve her fullest potential and end the cycle of intergenerational incarceration.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

To heighten the leadership, strength, and voices of young girls whose mothers are incarcerated.

Actions that promote change, foster hope, and give light!

We want to fuel every young girl’s dream of success and break the cycle of generational incarceration through the development of:

Identity Formation


Social Behavior

Our Core Values


We foster a culture of excellence to ensure that participants receive the highest quality of direction through our continuum of activities. 


We look at obstacles as opportunities. We block negativity. We believe positive mindsets will produce positive outcomes. 


We do not judge. We use our hearts to help each girl along their own journey through awareness, courage, and confidence. 


In all endeavors, we conduct our organization with personal and professional integrity. 


We provide the opportunity for all to know God and His son Jesus Christ. We do not force anyone to believe, however, we make it clear early on that all that we do centers around our Faith in God. 


We believe that individuals gain strength and deepen connectivity by engaging with and contributing to others.